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Acousti Fan Afdp 12025B 120MM Dustproof Ultra Quiet Fan

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Acousti Fan Afdp 12025B 120MM Dustproof

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Model: AFDP 12025B
Package Quantity: 1

Product Number 5060087740263. The fan is 4.72"H x 4.72"L x 0.98"W and it weighs just about 1 lbs. There are various manufacturers that produce 120mm case fans, with all of those models featuring diverse price tags. Evaluate a variety of manufacturers unless you have one particularly that you simply prefer. This step makes it possible to get an amazing fan which you'll enjoy. With the web just a few mouse clicks away you can easily perform as little or as much homework on the merchandise you are looking to buy. For more information about this fan, click on the button below.

Acousti Fan TM Dust PROOF Quiet Computer Case Fan - 120mm A NEW range of premium quality, ultra-quiet dust-tolerant multi-application cooling fans for PCs. No harmful dust ingress implies that dust stays out of the motor, bearings and fan circuitry to help preserve the fan quiet, cool and prolong it's lifetime. They also come getting a 3-speed fan cable accessory providing a choice of 3 speeds and 4-pin connectivity. These fans happen to be designed to be quiet and stay quiet! Also included are 4 FREE Ultra Soft Anti-Vibration Fan Mounts.


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