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Logisys CF120GN Green Led 120MM Bearing Case Fan With 4 Pin Connector

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CF120GN Green Led 120MM Bearing Case


Model: CF120GN
UPS: 191120056104
Package Quantity: 1

When you go shopping on the web, it can be quicker to get better offers on a variety of products. The CF120GN Green Led is a great item for the pc. I definitely loved that the item had the feature of logisys cf120gn green led 120mm bearing case fan with 4 pin connector. Additional features consist of new - retail, logisys cf120gn and 1-year warranty. It weighs something like 2 lbs. Brand new CF120GN Green Led. For additional details on this 120mm cooling fan, check out the button.

Features:Dimensions: 120x120x25mmAir Flow: 69. 15CFMSpeed: 1800-2000RPMPower: 4. 8WNoise: 39. 4ATechnical Information: 29d BAVoltage: 12VDCCurrent: 0.


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