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Apevia CF12SL-BGN 120MM Case Fan

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CF12SLBGN 120MM Case Fan

Apevia International

Model: CF12SL-BGN
UPS: 837344002212
Package Quantity: 1

CF12SL-BGN 120MM Case a great 120mm case fan made by Apevia International is an awesome mod that will, flaunt how much of a pc guru your are. The fan is 4.72"H x 0.98"L x 4.72"W. It has a weight of 0.35 lbs. CF12SL-BGN is the part number for this 120mm cooling fan. Are you currently contemplating purchasing a fan and you are simply looking for the best price for this product? Or maybe you would like to know the opinions of other customers before you buy it? If that's so you happen to be in the right spot, add to cart by clicking the link below.

The LEDs illuminate the total Apevia CF12SL-BGN Case Fan and generate a very amazing impact. Meanwhile, adds glamour and character to your Computer. It offers incredible cooling to boost the longevity and stability utilizing the system and components.


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