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Xigmatek Computer Case Cooling Fan CLF-F1254

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Computer Case Cooling Fan CLFF1254


Model: CLF-F1254
UPS: 883371001223
Package Quantity: 1

Searching for a 120mm cooling fan? The Computer Case Cooling manufactured by Xigmatek is a superb 120mm cooling fan. White-CFS-SXGJS-WU1 is the model number for this item. One of the many features for these fans is the performing max. air flow and mini. amount of noise. Other features include things like optimal static pressure and torque. and less power consumption. The fan dimensions are 6.25"H x 9"L x 1.25"W. Best deal for the computer case cooling. For more information on this fan, click on the shopping cart add to cart button below.


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