120mm Case Fans

Sunon High Performance Dc 12V 120 X 120 X 38MM Magnetic Fan (two Wires)

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High Performance Dc 12V 120 X 120 X 38MM


MPN: KDE1212
UPS: 610074723424

KDE1212 is the part number for this 120mm case fan. One of the many key features for these fans is the note: it's very noisy due to its high speed. Other features include things like certification: ce, ul rated, power consumption: 5. 8 watts and air flow: 113 cfm. If you want a great deal for this fan, click on the market button on this page.

Sunon's Mag Lev ® Technology supplies a fan design created to give superior performance, low noise and long life. And, Mag Lev models also function all-plastic manufacture of main items for optimal insulation resistance and electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance. Mag Lev also provides excellent high temperature endurance that outcomes in lengthy life. With excellent rotational stability, the Mag Lev fan eliminates vibration and typical wobble and shaking generally experienced in fan motors. By employing magnetic levitation force (Mag Lev) , these fans feature zero friction with no contact between shaft and bearing.


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