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Lepa LPCP12N-R Chopper Series 120MM Cycling Led Fan - Red

LPCP12N-R Chopper Series 120MM Cycling5 Star Rating
LPCP12NR Chopper Series 120MM CyclingLepa LPCP12NR Chopper Series 120MM Cycling Led Fan Red Image 1Lepa LPCP12NR Chopper Series 120MM Cycling Led Fan Red Image 2
Shopping For The LPCP12N-R Chopper

When you buy on the internet, it is much easier to get better deals on products. The LPCP12N-R Chopper manufactured by Lepa is the right solution for your pc. I definitely loved that the fan has the feature of silent spinning with excellent cooling performance. The fan weighs just about 1.5 lbs. Shopping for the LPCP12N-R Chopper, select the hyperlink below.

lepa chopper series cycling spiral uses

Discount Sale Price: $11.95

Product Description

Aside from spiral LED, CHOPPER makes use of a several LED pattern called 360 Â ° Cycling LED. CHOPPER is accessible in blue and red for users to select from. With the unique design, its LED light looks like a moving propeller of choppers.


  • Dynamic lighting mode to meet your visual desire
  • Silent spinning with excellent cooling performance
  • Rubber screws to reduce vibration and keep silent operation
  • Cycling LED design with brilliant dual-ring pattern
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.

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