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Cooler Master R4-S2S-124K-GP 120MM Sleeve Bearing Case Fan 4-IN-1 1200RPM With 4 Pin Connector

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R4S2S124KGP 120MM Sleeve Bearing Case


MPN: Cooler Mas-R4-S2S-124K-GP
UPS: 132017578460
Package Quantity: 1

Shopping on-line is easy and simple, and that is why lots of people elect to shop on the web rather than go to the nearby mall. Shopping for the latest fan? Consider the R4-S2S-124K-GP 120MM Sleeve Bearing Case - a great fan made by Coolermaster. I feel you will love that the item has got this feature of cooler master r4-s2s-124k-gp 120mm sleeve bearing case fan 4-in-1 1200rpm with 4 pin connector. Other features include cooler master r4-s2s-124k-gp, new - retail and 1-year warranty. The 120mm case fan has a weight of 1 lbs. The barcode for this fan is 132017578460. Have you been thinking about purchasing a 120mm cooling fan and you are simply looking for the best value for this on it? Or you want to find out the thoughts of some other clients before you purchase a fan? If that's so then you're in the right spot. To buy the product now at the cheapest price, check out the market add to shopping cart button on this site.

Features:4 IN 1 VALUE PACK- Higher air flow to increase cooling performance. - Ro HS compliance for protecting the atmosphere. - Ultra silent operation at 19 d BA. - Economic resolution for perfect performance.


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