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Logisys CF120GN Green Led 120MM Bearing Case Fan With 4 Pin ConnectorYate Loon 120MM Case Fan, Model D12SL-12 Black
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CF120GN Green Led 120MM Bearing Case
120MM Case Fan
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When you go shopping on the web, it can be quicker to get better offers on a variety of products. The CF120GN Green Led is a great item for the pc. I definitely loved that the item had the feature of logisys cf120gn green led 120mm bearing case fan with 4 pin connector. Additional features consist of new - retail, logisys cf120gn and 1-year warranty. It weighs something like 2 lbs. Brand new CF120GN Green Led. For additional details on this 120mm cooling fan, check out the button.


Frequently you will get lower prices by ordering via the internet than you would in actual stores. 120MM Case Fan manufactured by Yate Loon the cheapest fans mod. It's my opinion you will like that it has got for both power supply and motherboard connection. Additional features consist of model: d12sl-12, fan speed: 1350 +/- 10% rpm and 4pin and 3pin combo connector. For your transaction goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll supply you with tips prior to buying this item. Therefore, you will not be unhappy after purchasing it and in accordance with the product you desire. You can also find cost comparisons from suppliers that we met, to make sure you actually get the very best value at the moment for this wonderful 120mm case fan. New Yate Loon 120MM Case Fan, Model D12SL-12 Black. For more information about this fan, check out the button on this site.

  • Logisys CF120GN
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Logisys CF120GN Green LED 120mm Bearing Case Fan with 4 Pin Connector
  • New - Retail
  • Fan Speed: 1350 +/- 10% RPM
  • For both Power Supply and Motherboard connection
  • 4pin and 3pin combo connector
  • d B: 28; CFM: 47
  • Model: D12SL-12
Manufacturer: LogisysManufacturer: Yate Loon
Part Number:CF120GNPart Number:D12SL-12
Model: CF120GNModel:
Binding: Personal ComputersBinding: Personal Computers
Weight: 2 lbs.Weight:
Package Height: 1"Package Height: 1.7"
Package Length: 7.3"Package Length: 5.9"
Package Width: 4.9"Package Width: 5.3"
Package Weight: 0.4 lbs.Package Weight: 0.25 lbs.
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